6x Marwah Perfume Oil 25ml by Al Haramain 

6x Marwah Perfume Oil 25ml by Al Haramain 


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6x Marwah Perfume Oil 25ml by Al Haramain 


25ml Marwah Perfume Oil by Al Haramain Rosy Lily Fresh Citrus Moss Woody Attar/Itar

Marwah by Al Haramain has a pleasant fragrance of Istanbul Roses combined with fresh Lilies. It also has beautiful accents of Amber, Dehnal Oudh and hints of citrus. A sweet & spicy Oriental oil blend, Marwah is the perfect blend of rose & oud - intoxicating.  It is spicy and full of Dehnal Oudh (Agarwood) and Sandalwood, and a very bright, sweetish Istanbul Rose. Marwah is a touch heavy on the Agarwood at first but the rose quickly blooms and asserts itself, making this one of those unmistakable middle-eastern scents The pure fragrance is an ethereal blend of sweet - floral - dehn-al oudh fragrance notes with hints of spices wrapped in an exotic bottle and is presented in a beautiful box. The symbol or significance behind giving the fragrance this name is purity and solace. It is the type of fragrance that compels you to inhale it again and again, and you never get enough of it.

Fragrance Notes

Top: Istanbul Rose, Lilly from the Valley
Heart: Virgin Amber, Dehnal Oudh, citrus
Base: Sandalwood and Moss
Manufacturer:  Al Haramain (made in U.A.E) (ORIGINAL & GENUINE)


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