8 x Assorted Iron Man Repulsor Set & My Little Pony Rarity Set £23.99

8 x Assorted Iron Man Repulsor Set & My Little Pony Rarity Set £23.99


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Boffer Says: 4x My Little Pony Figures 4 x Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab - Marvel Science

4 x My Little Pony Fashion Icon Rarity Pony Figure Children Toy Girls Kids

Rarity can`t wait to wear her latest fashion design! Her beautiful dress spreads out to look like wings! Your Rarity pony figure needs your help to look her very best! She comes with a comb so you can style her hair for an extra special look. She`ll need it, because she has a beautiful pony dress that spreads out to look like she has wings! Your pony pal will look gorgeous enough for any party, but she can`t do it without her favourite stylist - you!

Rarity pony figure has beautiful flowing hair.
Style her hair with the comb.
Comes with a dress.

Suitable for ages 3 years +

4 x Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab - Marvel Science   

Master the Repulsor Ray Force! Discover the Science of Super Heroes!
Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab

Now you can master the Repulsor Ray force, powered by Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Control and balance the force in both handheld and tabletop positions. Master your ability to move the included energy sphere through different challenging obstacles. The powerful airflow force will suspend the energy sphere in mid-air! 

Once you’ve mastered the Repulsor Ray, shut off the lights and train in the dark using the light-up mode! 

Powerful airflow force suspends the energy sphere in mid-air
Energy sphere moves through challenging obstacles
Includes 3 challenging obstacles
Base easily switches from handheld to tabletop positions
Lights up for training in the dark
Educational poster about Iron Man and Real World science!
Repulsor Ray airflow unit
2 x Energy Sphere
3 x Energy Sphere obstacles
1 x Instruction manual

Additional Information

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Ages 6 and up

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